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Speedrunning Marathons for Charity

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Following on from GDQ 2019 comes this year’s Summer Games Done Quick, an annual speedrunning charity event that will be taking place from this Summer from June 23 to June 30.

This time round it’ll be raising money for ‘Doctors Without Borders’. The last event managed to raise over £2.4 million for prevent cancer foundation and have no doubts that the Summer Games will be just as much a success.

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If you are unable to actually attend the actual event do not threat! You’ll still be able to watch the livestream, as well as catch up with the highlights when they’re inevitably uploaded on YouTube.

This year, the complete list of games is a long one with over 188 hours of content (and will most likely get longer). Of course, If you are interested in going, you can view the attendance guide here. Do be sure to keep an eye on the Games Done Quick website for more details closer to the event and let us know in the comments section what game you are looking forward to watching!

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