Street Fighter V is getting optional ads soon

Interestingly, Capcom is going to start putting ads into Street Fighter V. Additionally, these will also be optional come December 11th. In fact, these ads won’t seem like spam and will promote the Capcom Pr Tour coming soon. Not to mention, content for the game will be promoted as well.

More importantly, these ads will appear in areas like loading screens, stages, and characters believe it or not. For example, fighters will now have an “Ad Style” to battle in like Balrog could have ads on his boxing gloves.

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Of course, these ads are optional but do reward “Fight Money” if toggled on. Honestly, if Capcom is just trying to make a few bucks on something why not help you out in the process.

Comment below on what you think of ads coming to Street Fighter V. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, here is our special on the Worst Games of all time.

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