Steam Summer Sale – 2019 Dates Leaked!

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Prepare your wallets… The ‘Steam Summer Sale’ is upon us!

Mark the dates on your calendar, the Steam Summer Sale dates have been leaked WAY before any official announcements.

According to SteamCN and confirmed via SteamDB, (translated via Google), this year’s Steam summer sale will begin at the crack of dawn on June 26… for Chinese players that is. That means of course that the discounts will begin at 18:00 here in the UK on June 25!

The sale is set to last for two weeks ending on July 9, which means plenty of time to bag some bargains (and empty your wallet!). If you are a Steam connoisseur, the event will most likely also introduce some new trading cards to collect too.

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In an ‘epic’ twist of events, this year-round Steam will not be the only store to boast an ‘amazing’ Summer Sale… The Epic Games store also appears to be gearing up for its first major sale. Very recently a Fortnite message referred to something called the ‘Epic Games store Megasale’, and a follow-up tweet suggested we’ll have more information pretty soon.

Of course, I cannot see the Epic Store being able to rival Steam’s sale at this point but could allow for some healthy competition… Anyway, Let us know what you think, what games are you looking to pick up this year? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this with your Steam buddies!

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