Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – New Heroes Vs. Villains Update

SW Villians

Big changes are coming this month to the popular game mode ‘Heroes Vs. Villains’

Recently, due to fan feedback, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to receive another major update. This month will introduce some significant changes to one of the game’s most played game modes… Heroes Vs. Villains.

Confirmed on the official Star Wars: Battlefront 2 forums, the update will launch this month and completely change the mechanics of the Heroes Vs. Villains mode. The forum post is shown below:

“You’ve all given us a lot of feedback about HvV and with it, we’re making some changes to the mode. With this month’s update, we’re completely reworking the targeting system in Heroes vs Villains. Now, defeating an enemy hero will add a point to your team’s elimination score, regardless of which one you defeat.

With these new mechanics, the mode will no longer be a first to 10 target eliminations. Instead, the first team to reach 25 eliminations will be the victors of the match. We will also update the achievement for eliminations to reflect this change. It will now unlock upon eliminating 50 enemies in HvV rather than be tied to target eliminations.

Thanks for the feedback on this one! This is one of the many changes we’ve made (and will continue to make) to the game that have been based directly on what players are asking for and talking about. Once this update goes live, let us know what you think!”

It’s great to see that suggestions are being looked at and updates are being made based on fan feedback… What do you think of the changes outlined? Let us know in the comments below.

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