Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reveals String of New Characters and Outfits Planned for Release


The coming months are shaping to be an excellent time for Star Wars Battlefront 2 fans, as a lengthy list of new characters, outfits, and updates are slated for release. Via a recent post on their website, EA took the time to comprise a roadmap for every month from now to the end of the year that highlights the main additions and changes that will be coming to the game.

August 29

Today EA has released two new clone trooper outfits. The first being the camouflaged 41st Legion, who if you remember from Revenge of the Sith are the troopers that assisted in the Battle of Kashyyyk, with one being summarily decapitated by Master Yoda. The second outfit is the 327th Star Corps, who are distinguished by their yellow markings.

The ever-popular Ewok Hunt will also become a permanent mode, and after much outcry emotes and victory poses will now be purchasable with crystals and credits. The return of emotes makes me very excited as I have been wanting Darth Maul’s “You are no match for me” emote for the longest time.


This month will bring a new squad system that will allow spawning of players near squad mates, in similar fashion to the system used in Star Wars Battlefront. This squad system is intended to encourage teamwork and cooperation among players.

The update will also include the release of the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps and the 104th Wolfpack Battalion.


The month of Halloween brings you the terrifying General Grievous in all his splendor. Grievous will be added to the already deadly lineup of villains this month and will bring with him all four of his lightsabers to battle and I can only imagine how devastating he will be on all those helpless clone troopers.


This month brings the release of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, which will help balance out the heroes by opposing the might of General Grievous. Obi-Wan will be able to showcase his incredible abilities against the villains in the all new Galactic Assault map, Geonosis. The Attack of the Clones planet will also come with three new vehicles: the STAP, the BARC-speeder, and the AT-TE.

The update also includes the 212th Attack Battalion clone troopers, who were instrumental in assisting Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Battle of Utapau.


In this month of festivities, EA will release its coup de gras update. This update will include Count Dooku, whose unique fighting style should make for interesting gameplay. The imposing red marked Coruscant Guard will also be featured in the update. An all-new mode will also be included that will pit two teams together in a sandbox-style experience as they race to collect the most battle points that will lead to the destruction of the enemy ships.

Wrapping up the update is the release of the alter ego of Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, who will be playable on the Heroes side. Joining Anakin will be his faithful 501st Legion, who were responsible for the Jedi Temple massacre, and who later become “Vader’s Fist”.

Are you excited about the new updates planned for Star Wars Battlefront 2? Which one(s) are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.


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