Star Wars Arcade might be coming to the Switch

Star Wars Arcade might be coming to the Switch

Recently, an interview with M2 and Sega from the site Game Watch they discussed the future of certain titles in development. Additionally, Sega and M2 are planning to bring back the classic Virtua Racer as part of the Sega Ages series. However, there is also a chance of seeing Star Wars Arcade coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In fact, when the game came out in 1993 Sega used the Model 1 board which was one of the strongest in gaming hardware at the time. In addition, the interview explains that M2 and Sega knew how to work with Model 1 tech to bring back Virtua Racer. Accordingly, this could lead to them porting over Star Wars Arcade since it would be easy for them to work with.

Yet, the only thing stopping Sega from bringing the game over is a renewal of licenses to do so. Honestly, how awesome would that be to go head to head with X wings and TIE fighters all over again on the Switch? To sum up, the only home version console of Sega’s title was on the 32x add-on for the Genesis which pales in comparison to the arcade version.

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