Stan Lee Makes Unexpected Cameo in World of Warcraft

A legendary game pays homage to a Legendary man as Blizzard adds a new NPC modeled after Stan Lee.

Found in the 8.15 patch in the Public Test Realm, ‘Stanley,’ a tall man with white hair and Stan’s trademark mustache and aviators can be found wandering Stormwind. As seen in the video below, Stanley is decked out in the color and armor for the Alliance. Wowhead has dug into the code a bit more and uncovered two additional skins; The first is a more neutral appearance and the other swaps out the Alliance arms for Horde gear.

You can follow Stan as he ventures the hallways of the keep, and if you stick with him long enough you’ll hear him yell his famous catchphrase – “Excelsior!” For the uninitiated who would like to know what that means exactly, you can read it from the man himself:


Stan Lee passed away in November 2018, but we all knew it wasn’t the last we’d see of him.

Shane Folke
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I am a former filmmaker turned author/writer. Primarily a fan of dark horror/thriller titles, you can find me playing anything from Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th to indie titles like Lakeview Cabin or Lone Survivor. Basically what you’d expect from a kid who grew up on Resident Evil 2!

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