Stadia 4K Support Rolls Out for Chrome Browsers

Stadia Offers 4K Support for Chrome Browsers
Stadia Offers 4K Support for Chrome Browsers (Picture: Google)

A recent tweet, Stadia confirms they’ve started rolling out 4K support as a “soft release” for Chrome Browsers. 4K is an ideal way for Stadia to a streaming service to remain relevant in an ever-changing market.

Plus, 4K support is a popular feature that sets Google Stadia apart from Nvidia GeForce Now, currently supported with Chromecast Ultra.

However, Nvidia GeForce only supports games up to 1080p. Plus, this style of gaming is still in the early stages of development. Consider this, according to Statista, in 2019, only 37% of TV purchases were 4K.

4K has always been supported by Stadia, yet only via Chromecast Ultra, which comes with standard delivery. Then, last week, via Reddit, it was confirmed a “soft release” of 4K support had begun.

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This means it’s only distributed to a limited number of users. Furthermore, according to Stadia, it’s connected to the type of monitor. It’ll be crucial to users waiting for the free Stadia Base subscription, and experience 4K properly.

This free tier is not available with Chromecast Ultra, and 4K support in the Chrome Browser will be desirable for anyone with a 4K monitor.

In a ‘New Year’ update, Google proposed plans for 4K gaming support online, as well as further assistant functionality. They further intend to add additional support for android phones and wireless gameplay online through their controller.

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Lastly, Stadia received criticism for its high-resolution support, as many games appear to render at 1080p or 1440p. Subsequently, the quality is then upscaled, effectively, Stadia’s way of cutting corners on producing real 4K.

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