New Splatoon 2 Website Dedicated To Tournament Play


Join or create teams, find new teammates and take part in online tournaments with the new Splatoon 2 online community.

Splatoon 2

Recently, Nintendo UK have formed a companion website for Splatoon 2. The site has been created to assist players like you and me to team up with other ‘Inklings and Octolings!’.

Interestingly, the site aims to bring players together and form new teams for upcoming online tournaments hosted by the site. These Tournaments will be exclusively organized for those who sign up to the site. That said however, for now at least, only those based in the EU will be able to join up. There has been no information in regards to an American site as of yet.

Check out the official Twitter post from Nintendo UK below:

The Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup will run on 13th January 2019 from 1pm GMT / 2pm CET. Some good news for new players… This cup will be open to players of all levels!

Will you be signing up? Let us know in the comments below.

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