Rumor: Spider-Man PS4 to be free with PlayStation Plus in June

Spider-Man PS4
Spider-Man PS4 could swing onto PS Plus.

Spider-Man rumored to be free on PlayStation with Playstation Plus

The critically acclaimed Spider-Man PS4 looks to be one of the free games on Playstation Plus next month. On the official Playstation UK store, when you attempt to add Spider-Man PS4 to your basket it comes up as ‘Free’ with Plus. Although, this does disappear when you go to your basket and therefore resets to asking for full price (£34.99).

Spider-Man PS4 current store page.

Free on PS Plus showing up on Spider-man PS4 store page.

Currently, Spider-Man PS4 is available through the PS Now service. It’s there until the 7th of July, so maybe could go for free through PS Plus just before it leaves PS Now.

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If you’re looking to play something while you wait, you could check out the current games on PS Plus. There’s Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19.

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