Soul Calibur VI trailer reveals two classic fighters returning

Only at EVO

The Evolution Championship Series is a fighting game tournament held in Las Vegas where fans of fighting games come to pit their skills against each other. This year included games like Street Fighter V,  Tekken 7, and making it’s debut the popular Dragon Ball FighterZ. At this event companies tend to show trailers for their upcoming games at random to surprise everyone. This year Bandai Namco revealed two returning characters that will be included in Soul Calibur VI set for release later this fall.

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Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na were displayed in action ready for the latest installment. Though Astaroth has been in the majority of the franchise Seong on the other hand hasn’t been seen since Soul Calibur 3. Comment below on how you feel of these fighters being in the game.Below is the trailer showing Astaroth and Seng showing off their abilities Soul Calibur will be released on October 19th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news here is the top ten games coming out in August.

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