Sony To Close Official PlayStation Forums

PlayStation Forum
The community will crumble on the 27th February 2020. (Picture: Sony)

Well, Sony has made a fair share of questionable moves in their long run as brand kingpins – but shutting down the PlayStation community is definitely a step in the wrong direction. And yet, it’s as good as done, and the plan will go ahead on the 27th February. This has stemmed from an official community manager through a rather abrupt statement. Whether they were thinking straight when they posted it is another question, mind you.

The PlayStation forums have been the blood of the gaming community for over two decades now. And, in that time, players from around the world have looked to the community as a second home. But, as of the 27th, those walls will crumble, and gamers will have to lift roots and move out. So, that means any gossip or general discussions will have to be spread on the PlayStation social media profiles instead. Again – this decision makes little sense considering the popularity of the forums.

But lets not also forget the fact that this year we’ll be welcoming the embrace of the PS5. Now, I don’t know about you, but without the life of the community backing the launch, it’ll seem slightly fractured and half-complete from day one. So, whether Sony plans to recreate a newer version of the forum or not will, of course, be the question on every loyal follower’s minds. It’s just slightly odd that they’ve decided to make the call in the lead up to the next-gen release.

You can take your gaming discussions over to the, or on the Facebook and Twitter feeds.


Kiss the community goodbye on the 27th February. (Picture: Sony)

What are your thoughts on the collapse of the PlayStation forums? Let us know down in the comments below. And don’t forget to stop by our official YouTube channel for even more news, trends and features.

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