Sony To Avoid E3 2020 For Second Year Running

Sony will be avoiding E3 2020 for a second time (Picture: E3)

Sony has swept aside the opportunity to attend the annual E3 event for the second year running. Now, this might just be slightly ill-timed – what with the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 5. Or, perhaps it could be a much deeper break in the relationship between the franchise and the expo event. This is something that has been circulating on the web for a while now – especially after Sony unexpectedly dropped out of the 2019 show. With that, heads are beginning to turn and the hunger for Sony’s secretive diary is rumbling in the bellies of every gamer worldwide. The answer to the mysterious agenda, however, clearly remains to be seen.

Sony has made it a surefire deal to branch out and experiment with several gaming conventions over the upcoming years. Strangely, E3 didn’t quite make the cut for a second year running. This, along with a whole heap of confusion and frustration, essentially means Sony will be searching for a new platform to unveil the PS5 and all of its tasty new features for 2020. Now, whether this points towards the annual PlayStation Meeting or not is yet to be confirmed. But, it sort of makes sense seeing as it’s a branded event and is, in fact, held four months before E3. However, if it isn’t the chosen stage for the PS5 – then where is?

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Microsoft will now be looking to capture as much media attention as possible at E3 seeing as rival Sony has discarded the invitation. But, as for Sony and their timeline, well, that’s something that can either be rather intriguing or tediously underwhelming. We’ll only really know once official sources pass out the details. Until then, E3 might be an event worth skipping if Sony is your go-to course and the PS5 is your only thirst for the year. But, we’ll get back to you on that as soon as we get a sneak peek at that diary.

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E3 2020 is set over three days between the 9th and 11th June 2020 in Los Angeles.

Where will Sony showcase the highly anticipated PS5? (Picture: Sony)

What are your thoughts on Sony skipping out the second year of E3? Do you think the iconic brand will branch out to new conventions and unveil their works elsewhere? Let us know down in the comments below. Oh, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could always stop by our official YouTube channel for more news.

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