Sony PS5 Graphics Revealed?

Sony PS5 Graphics Revealed?

In October Sony confirmed that they were working on their next Gen system.  Over the last couple of months there has been rumors and leaks but nothing has been set it stone.

This video surfaced on youtube and it shows Gran Turismo in 8k and 120 frames per second.  Not sure how true this is but during a show Sony had in Tokyo they showed off a new TV.

This TV, “Crystal LED Display System,” is supposed to be the best for gaming as it can handle 120 fps and 8K.  So if this is all true it looks like everyone will be needed a new TV to play the next Gen Playstation.

What are your thoughts on this situation?  Comment below.  In other news, PUBG Resident Evil crossover Revealed.

PUBG Resident Evil crossover revealed

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