Sony CEO Says PS5 Games Being Announced Soon

PS5 will be getting some game announcements soon.

A strong line-up Of PS5 Games are going to be announced soon, Says Sony CEO

Last week we got the announcement that the PS5 was still on track to launch holiday 2020, however, we got no idea on when the game announcements were coming.

Well, it seems that we could be getting game announcements soon, as this week during an earnings call. Sony leadership went over some of the Playstation 5 plans. Mainly how the platform is getting closer to finding out more about the games coming to PS5.

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Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said, “We will soon be announcing a strong lineup of PS5 games.”

It’s good to hear the Sony plans to announce games soon, as this is what people want to see. As we have seen with Microsoft who are out there revealing specs and showing of games that will be coming to the Xbox Series X, however, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series X is still on track to launch but games may be delayed. 

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