Sonic Movie Reveals Updated (Less Terrifying) Trailer

It looks like we'll be getting the original Sonic back after all, eh? (Picture: Paramount)

It looks like we’ll be getting the original Sonic back after all, eh? (Picture: Paramount)

When most of us think of Sonic, we picture a loveable little hedgehog – not something delivered from sleep paralysis. We also don’t think of things like ‘Gangsters Paradise’ by Coolio. If anything, we don’t think of anything like the original Sonic trailer portrayed back in April this year. And, to put it bluntly, it was as if the director read a two-paragraph pitch on Sonic and then continued to wing it as if it never mattered. Only – it did matter. It mattered a lot.

In an initial startup, Paramount Pictures put down a $7 million budget to get the ball rolling on the movie. With an A-list cast, an edgy soundtrack, and a three-year-olds drawing for a protagonist, the movie was sure to melt the hearts of both long term fans and hipsters alike. But as the trailer dropped, that dream of making a blockbuster smash hit soon escaped faster than, well, Sonic.

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In a poorly designed car crash of a reveal, Paramount literally stole the concept and revamped it into something nightmarish. Only, their version of the loveable hero was more horrifying than heartwarming. And before long, fans took to social media to rant about the upcoming movie.

The original design didn’t exactly win over fans of the franchise (Picture: Paramount)

Yuji Naka, who created Sonic, even had something to say about the ambitious release. In a tweet, he captioned ‘Is this a Sonic movie?’ over the header of the original reveal. Ouch. That must’ve hurt, Paramount.

However, after pulling the project back to the drawing boards, director Jeff Fowler made it a pact to save the movie by redesigning our little blue hero. The initial release date of the 8th November 2019 was scratched, and a new date of the 14th February 2020 was announced.

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This week, Paramount Pictures released their second version of the trailer. In a last ditched effort, they pulled some strings and delivered us a Sonic that we could actually recognise. They listened to the people, and they reacted accordingly. So for that, we thank you.


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