Social media hype for Fortnite is down

As of late, social media shares and mentions for Fortnite have been low since the launch of Season 6 last month. In fact, Fortnite gets most of its word out through Twitter. According to a report from TickerTags things have been down compared to the release of past seasons.

Additionally, since the launch of Season 6 mentions of the new season have dropped 37%. Not to mention, TickerTags thinks that Fortnite is peaking.

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“We’ve been waiting for peak Fortnite to happen and it finally did,” TickerTags analyst Jacob Allen told MarketWatch. “That means more time for other games.”

Honestly, if Epic Games considers this an issue then they’ll find a way to have their battle royale beauty keep up with the times. More importantly, it’s a fun game and deserves to be pushed as far as can.

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Comment below on what you think of Fortnite possibly peaking. Also, if you liked this article why not share this on social media. In other news, Epic Games has acquired the services of game security firm Kamu.

Epic Games acquires game security firm Kamu

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