SNES Nintendo Switch Controller?

Snes Switch Controller

Would you be interested in a wireless SNES Nintendo Switch controller? To be able to sit back with nostalgia in your hands, and play recent games- retro style!

Snes Switch Controller


According to a user on Restera forum, they have spotted an FCC filing, so Nintendo may be planning to make this SNES-style controller happen. They aren’t many details unveiled in the FCC filing, but what it does show is that the controller will have Bluetooth to connect to the Switch wirelessly. The image above is the only one we have to go off, (so speculation has to be high), you can see at the top of the controller there either could be a ZL and ZR buttons, or it could potentially be a Joy-Con docking rail.

Nintendo has released retro controllers in the past, last year they announced wireless NES controllers, along with a few NES classic titles such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure.

With this in mind do we think that SNES games are coming to Nintendo Online? If we go with this as a basis, we could potentially see Nintendo port over some SNES games along with this new controller, such as Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

Sadly, there is no word as of yet from Nintendo; this might be evidence for something in the future, who knows. Alas, maybe one day we can all play that majestic Link to the Past on our Switch, SNES controller in hand and pretend we are young once again.

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