Smite – Why the SML is going to be as competitive as the SPL

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As the new Smite Pro League season rapidly approaches the SML could become as competitive as the SPL (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Smite Pro League season 7 will start in March. We’ve known since November that the league will be having eight teams instead of ten this season. With that, a few teams and players have decided to go to the Smite Minor Leagues this season instead… What could this mean for the Smite pro scene?

Although a lot of well known names and faces are staying in the SPL plenty have decided to come away from the professional side. A large percentage of these players hail from EU. This is not a surprise as the move to America away from home was always going to cause issues for EU players. Some of these players decided this season that they want to take a step down to the SML so they can stay at home and in a familiar environment. This is a main factor as to why the SML could become as competitive as the SPL. With plenty of these players having a wealth of knowledge and experience, it can give younger and less experienced players a chance to play against some of the best and biggest names in the pro scene.

This isn’t just a trend in EU. NA SML could look to be as competitive. With a lot of big names also being featured in SML teams. The SPL has fewer spots for players to find a spot, this has created a very competitive Minor League. This is evident as Sanguine who were a SML team last year managed to make a run to worlds. If the trend follows we could see SML teams become really competitive against some big names in the SPL.

Are you excited for season 7 of Smite? Will you be watching the Minor Leagues this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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