Skate 3 Mobile Leaked By Pro Skater

Skate 3 Mobile is reportedly in the works.
Skate 3 Mobile Leaked By Pro Skater

Skate 3 Mobile Leaked By Pro Skater (Picture: EA)

It’s been a decade since the last Skate game, and it looks like EA are bringing it back. While on The Nine Club podcast pro skater Jason Dill let it slip that he was approached to help with a mobile port of Skate 3. Not exactly what we were expecting given that it’s been a decade since the last iteration, Dill explains “I wrote back and said, ‘what else?’. She wrote back and said, ‘No, that’s it.’”

Dill declined, making it clear a mobile port isn’t what fans were hoping for “No one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3. Make Skate f*****g 4 already.” Disappointing for sure but it could be a way for EA to gauge interest in the series. The last Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fell short of expectations so it would be a shame to see another beloved series share the same fate. 

That being said it will be interesting to see how a mobile port stacks up to the original. It would be nice to be able to play in short bursts but Skate’s analogue controls are so unique to the series that translating them to touchscreen doesn’t sound too appealing. Personally I don’t see them being quite as responsive and hope EA takes a simpler approach akin to Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam.

It seems the skating genre has been reduced to just a nostalgic memory, but there are developers keeping it alive. Lately, more fans have been moving to games like Skater XL that keep the skating genre alive. Even Dill notes the buzz surrounding it “What’s the game that those kids do? [Skater XL] See that’s cool, it’s like a new thing that they’re doing. It’s an adaptation of another thing.” Despite being in early access the game matches the physics of Skate with its own unique and customizable controls offering a nice substitute. Should we hold out hope though? EA Play 2020 isn’t too far away so we can at least see what that brings should this mobile port be revealed.

Why do you think? Is there hope for a new Skate or should the genre be left in the hands of new developers? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Jason Dill – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

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