Leak: After Fighter Pass Vol. 2 Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Is Finished

Super Smash Bros Cover
Six new fighters on the way, Super Smash Brothers almost finished

Well, known game journalist and translator Push Dustin recently took to Twitter to announce some exciting and saddening news about 2018’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The six characters were confirmed to be happening back in January and these characters are decided by Nintendo themselves, which explains why Sakurai thinks there are too many Fire Emblem characters. But the leak states that once the second season pass is done, there are no plans for its future, likely indicating the game is almost finished.

Why this could be good news:

Push Dustin further elaborated in this tweet thread that Sakurai works on nothing else whilst on Smash Bros.  He further elaborated that he was okay with that as Super Smash Bros Ultimate makes the fans happy, but it does seem to be a sacrifice made by Sakurai.

The only non-Smash game he has worked on since 2006 is Kid Icarus: Uprising in 2012. He seems to be finished with the franchise for the most part and before the release of Ultimate, suggested it had no future. This could finally leave him room to work on something new as many have suggested he wants to. Sakurai seems dedicated and creative, and although it would be sad to see Smash go, we’re excited to see what he might do in the future.

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