Silent Hills Teased Yet Again After Art Director Confirms Secret Project

Silent Hills was originally due to launch back in 2015 (Picture: Kojima Productions)
Silent Hills was originally due for launch back in 2015 (Picture: Kojima Productions)

Uh oh – it’s popped back up again. This time however, sources might just be reliable enough to relight our fuses for the franchise. That means we could be seeing a striking revival of the originally scrapped Silent Hills after all!

This stems from a tweet posted by art director Masahiro Ito, who worked on both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Ito, however, has since left Konami and has been working as a freelance artist. But, according to the tweet, Ito is to be a core member of a secret project in the works. This, along with a cheeky mention of hoping it ‘won’t be cancelled’ all seems to point towards the fragmented Silent Hills game. And, if not, well then kudos to Ito – he’s gathered our attention rather effortlessly, to be fair.

Ito rose to recognition after working as a monster designer in the first Silent Hill entry back in 1999. Since launch, the design was praised by countless fans and developers worldwide for its twisted edge and horrifying style. This then fast-tracked Ito to the art director spot for the following two titles in the original series. And, although Ito hasn’t worked on any further chapters in the saga, rumours strongly suggest he will be reprising his role for the highly-anticipated resurrection of the franchise.

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Ito was seen to post a follow-up tweet shortly after the initial reveal. This essentially drew a crowd before corkscrewing his lips and fading smugly into the shadows. So, for that, we thank you. We can only hope and pray that the rumours are true and Silent Hills still has a chance yet. Let’s just hope 2020 is the beginning of something incredible, eh?

What are your thoughts on the mysterious tweets? Are you putting your money on a Silent Hills revival? Let us know down in the comments below. Oh, and if you’re feeling adventurous, why not swing by our official YouTube channel for more news, trends and features?

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