Shovel Knight Showdown battle mode revealed

Shovel Knight Showdown battle mode revealed

Yacht Club Games has announced that they’ll release a new multiplayer battle mode to their widely popular side scrolling adventure Shovel Knight. Titled “Showdown” This mode will 16 playable characters, new tracks, and stages that fit the world and levels of the game.

The battle mode will be $9.99 separately or for free as part of Treasure Trove. This will be the third DLC released so far following “Plague of Shadows” and “Specter of Torment”. “King of Cards” is also set to arrive sometime this year which allows players to interact with King Knight in what is set to be the final DLC release of Shovel Knight.

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The Showdown DLC release will be available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Xbox One, Linux, and Steam. Though for Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita users it will not be available for those platforms.

David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games recently told IGN about details in regards to the new DLC release:

“Originally we imagined a pared-down, almost minigame-style addendum to Shovel Knight. It seemed like there was a lot of room to create something unique with a game that combined platforming with combat- something simpler and more frenetic than a fighting game, but more interesting and deep than a no-frills party game.”

Features of Showdown includes Gem Clash, co-op and free-for-alls with a Story Mode tailored to each character in the DLC.

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“One of our main goals for Shovel Knight Showdown is to celebrate the weird and wonderful characters in Shovel Knight. So if you have a favorite character you want to see playable, chances are someone on the development team is championing their inclusion too,” D’Angelo continued.

Comment below if you plan on getting Showdown for Shovel Knight set for release sometime this year. Below is a gameplay video of Showdown. Shovel Knight is available on all current platforms. If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news Insomniac Games has announced details for three upcoming DLC packs for their upcoming release of Spiderman.

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