Could LEGO Fortnite Battle Royale Be a Thing?

The massive behemoth that is Fortnite has seen the likes of Thanos, John Wick, and now Shark Week grace its cartoonish world; is it now ready for the LEGO treatment? The simple answer is yes, and Youtuber Bearly Regal has given us just that.

Bearly Regal, known for his lego-ifying of numerous video games and tv shows such as Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has recreated the fan-favorite Tilted Towers using the game Lego Worlds, which is sandbox game that allows players to create their own Lego-themed worlds.

The Youtuber showcases gameplay of the Tilted Towers map in an uploaded trailer where several Lego characters fight each other, whipping out oversized rocket launchers at every turn. At several instances in the video we see shots of the entire Tilted Towers area which is surprisingly pretty accurate. I should know considering I spent many of my early Fortnite matches scrambling throughout the many buildings.

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The user interface including the weapon tiles and building editing tools all make an appearance. The building animations are also true to form, only in this case brown Lego bricks stand in the place of wood. A nice addition is that characters can scale buildings making for quick escapes or timely kills.

By the time the trailer is over, Titled Towers is virtually gone and replaced by massive craters left by the constant bombardment of rockets. The hovering circle aiming mechanic used in many Lego games is implemented here as well. At one point Bearly Regal reveals all the Lego guns in his arsenal, revealing such weapons like a carrot top rocket launcher, Super soaker, and laser rifle just to name a few.

This small glimpse at what a Lego Fortnite game could look like is outstanding and if Traveler’s Tales ever decides to partner with Epic Games to make a game, lets just say that we may have another gaming juggernaut contender in the works.

Do you think that LEGO Fornite Battle Royale could work? Let us know in the comments.

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