Sega Mega Drive Mini – European Delay


With the recent wave of Mini consoles hitting popularity it is safe to say that we will eventually see a majority of classics. Sadly for one such console we may get it later than expected. The Sega Mega drive Mini which was set to release September 19th 2019, has been pushed back for European markets until October 4th 2019.

Sega says the delay is due to “unavoidable logistical challenges”.
The original Sega Mega drive (Known as the Genesis outside of Europe) was one of the first 16 bit consoles on the market. It was also the third console produced by the Sega company. Being one of the most popular consoles of the day, the mini has a lot to live up to.

While the game library for the mini looks like a lot of other mini consoles,with a few hidden gems and a lot of filler, it is safe to note some titles we can expect. We know it will have some gems such as Earth worm Jim, Streets of Rage, and Sonic. We don’t know however if they included the trademark “blast processing.”

Even with the delay I just hope that this mini console makes the cords actually long enough to stretch from the console to my couch. Which is something I have trouble with on the Super Nintendo mini. All in all, here is hoping for a smooth release.

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