Sega Launch “SONIC2020” Secret Project

We're sort of hoping it isn't a sequel to the movie. (Picture: Sega)

Okay, so we’ve got a little bit of good news for you Sonic fans out there. But, rest assured – it isn’t movie related. Because we all know how that one went down over the course of 2019, eh? Luckily, it isn’t anything to do with the upcoming movie. In fact, it could just be the very beginning to a whole new chapter in the blue heroes universe.

Sega has mysteriously taken to a press release in Japan to announce the “SONIC2020” project. This will come in the form of monthly updates being published to a newfound portal site on the 20th of every month this year. However, no further in-depth details were made at the meeting. But, for all we know – something big could be in the works for 2020. But, you know, it might also be a potential movie sequel which promises to pick up the slack from the first release. To be honest – we aren’t exactly sure what Sega is up to just yet. We do know, however, that something blue is coming our way this year.

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Unless you’re fluent in Japanese, you might want to switch those translation plug-ins on. That way, you can sit and watch the monthly reveals with ease as you cross your fingers for some hopeful new games this year. And, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on what SONIC2020 brings as the news comes reeling in. Until then – stay sharp.

Sonic the Hedgehog is due to release in cinemas on the 14th February 2020. (Picture: Sega)

Will you be keeping those notifications on for the rather intriguing Sonic project? Let us know down in the comments below. Oh, and you can also speed on by our official YouTube channel for even more news, trends and features?

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