Second Extinction, 11 Minutes of Gameplay

Second Extinction 11 Minutes of Gameplay
Second Extinction 11 Minutes of Gameplay

Mutant Dinos, Guns, And Gore!

During IGN’s Expo, Brynley Gibson (Lead Producer) of Second Extinction reveals some gameplay goodness in the life of a dinosaur massacre.

Further, the gameplay features some core aspects of the Second Extinction in regards to things like; gun-play, player movement, and animations. As well as this, the terrain was also shown off quite well with some great visual effects, but emphasizing the dinosaurs that have supposedly invaded the world…

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There will be a variety of dinosaurs, especially carnivores that have been mutated to attack humans. And with that being said, there are various weapons of choice used to eliminate this bizarre threat. These will be upgradeable and customizable with aspects that benefit different playstyles according to Gibson.

Above all, Second Extinction is going to be a 3-player Left 4 Dead like first-person-shooter. Taking place in a world where dinosaurs have somehow returned to take back what they once ruled…

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Prepare for dino goodness, located below…

Will you be fighting the dino horde? Comment your views below!

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