Sea Of Thieves – New Game Mode ‘The Arena’ Revealed


A new competitive PvP mode called ‘The Arena’ will launch early next year for Sea Of Thieves.

In ‘The Arena’, you and a team of friends / other players take on rival crews with the aim of stealing the most loot. As you would expect, both ship and hand-to-hand combat will come into play as you try to defeat your opponents and steal their goodies.

Check out the Trailer for ‘The Arena’ below:

Simply put, the game mode is your average Sea Of Thieves PvP. However, It looks to be condensed down onto a smaller map where you’re given specific goals. Personally, I can see ‘The Arena’ appealing to lots of players offering guaranteed battles for loot!

Let us know your thoughts on the new game mode… Will a Sea Of Thieves ‘Battle Royale’ emerge from the waters?.. I don’t know. What I do know is that State of Decay 2’s Zedhunter Update has been revealed. Check this out below!

State of Decay 2’s Zedhunter update revealed

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