Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Is Just A Month Way

Samurai Jack Battle Through Time releases August 21st (Picture: Adult Swim)
Samurai Jack Battle Through Time releases August 21st (Picture: Adult Swim)

The release date has been revealed alongside a new trailer

The launch of Soleil’s upcoming Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is creeping closer and closer. With a new trailer that shows off many of the weapons, locations, and returning faces, the game will arrive later next month on August 21st.

In a recent Behind the Scenes video, Tara Strong, the voice behind Ashi sheds light on how the story will develop. In Season 5 we see Jack escape through a portal created by Ashi, Battle Through Time seems to play on a ‘what if?’ scenario where Aku interferes in that moment of Jack’s escape. From here we’ll visit various pockets in time, possibly to find humanity in Ashi’s sisters. 

Season 5 of Samurai Jack brought the series to a bittersweet close. From the looks of things, Battle Through Time intends to expand the adventure without interfering with the ending. Not only do we have the original cast returning to reprise their old roles but the head writer of the series, Derrick Bachman has been working alongside Genndy and the developers to make sure the game sits comfortably within the series lore.

Though the facial animations may be lacking somewhat, it’s clear from the trailer that the minimalist framing of the locales and cutscenes that the original charm shines through. On top of his iconic guitar, Jack will be able to master guns, clubs, axes, and more, offering a variety of play styles. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time will be available for around £35 on August 21st for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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