Rumoured of PSVR 2 for PS5 in the works

Is this the PSVR 2?

But don’t worry as current versions will work on the PS5!

For anyone that has dived into the world of VR gaming then like me you probably ask why everyone isn’t doing it. If you plug in the integrated headphones and head to the Batcave in Rocksteady’s Arkham game, then you actually come out thinking ‘I’m Batman’. I was pretty late to the party and did not get my own PSVR headset until earlier this year. But I am really glad I made the switch, so when I see things like ‘PSVR 2 coming to PS5’ I start to panic!

One of the main reasons that VR is still not a staple in the gaming world is price. Although PSVR is a lot cheaper and easier to run than say, the Oculus Rift, its still not cheap. £199.99 for the basic headset, and extra £60-£100 for motion controllers and £58 if you want the AIM controller (I recommend one for Farpoint if you have some ‘spare’ cash). But fear not early this year Mark Cerny, who happens to be lead system architect at Sony working on the upcoming PS5 console said ‘existing versions of the PlayStation VR will be compatible with the next-gen console’


Is this the PSVR 2?

So are Sony developing a new headset? Well, someone somewhere at some point has found an image with a cartoon drawing of a dude wearing a headset and decided that THIS is an example that PSVR 2 is being made. Really? I have highlighted the dates on the image for you (See above), you will note that one of the dates is 2018, so this could be designed for the PSVR 2 or the current Mark II PSVR system that is on market, or it could just be designed for a new IKEA TV stand.

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Either way, it’s pretty flimsy as evidence even for us at DGR. Its also worth noting that companies like Sony prepare patents for hundreds of items that never get a full green light, much like a superhero with an R&D department hidden underground. So rest easy all those of you that already have a PSVR, no further parting of pennies will be required, so If you are thinking of picking up the PS5, you can still be Batman! For anyone that does not yet have a PSVR.

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check out the video below and join the revolution, you won’t be disappointed.

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