Rumour: XBOX Series X supplies Steam, PC support

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Xbox Series X Next-GEn Steam & Windows 10 pc support

The latest exciting rumours regarding the power of the upcoming titan Xbox Series X are really something, regarding Steam & PC, this kind of news could change the war on the great console debate.

The Latest rumours, according to our sources in the Xbox Community, (whose names we withhold for strict confidentiality purposes) seem to indicate that the next-generation Xbox Series X console will have an OS operating around “a boot mode” called “Windows mode“, through which it seems that it will be possible to make some Windows 10 applications compatible with the operating system of the platform, which will be available to be installed.

It seems that it will be possible to switch from an Xbox game console version to a Windows PC version, in which some of these supported applications seem to be Steam and Epic Games Store. The possibilities could be truly the next level in terms of gaming capacity and reach the likes of which gamers have never seen before.

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Steam could be coming to Xbox Series X. (Picture: Steam)

This approach seems all too logical given the state of modern cross-play we’ve seen recently in new titles like the new “COD: Modern Warfare.” However, such an expansion into the realm of pc gaming as it meets the ultimate console seems like a worthy evolution into the ever-expanding world of computing power & pristine playability.

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Xbox Series X powered by Steam & Dreams. (Picture: Microsoft)

If in the future this amazing rumour were confirmed to be true, it would mean that the Xbox Series X would be designed to unite the PC & the console world by hybridization, running games available exclusively for PC.

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In the case, it would be something not remarkable, but even revolutionary in the great console war. However, we here at DGR advise you not to take this information too seriously as it’s only a rumour for now.

Let’s wait for official communications directly from Microsoft. Rumours may always be farfetched, in the sense that this Windows mode could instead only concern the Windows 10 Store and subsequentially all its apps and games, which is actually more feasible but still quite remarkable.

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What are you guys feeling about this news? Are you believing in this hype? Is it gonna be the console of the century? Let us know what you all think in the comments below, & isn’t YouTube the greatest? Don’t forget to check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube channel!

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