Rumour: System Shock 3 may be cancelled, Comments from a developer

The cover for 1999 game System Shock
Rumour: System shock 3 may be cancelled, Comments from a developer
Shodan from System Shock

Rumour: System Shock 3 may be cancelled, Comments from a developer

The System Shock franchise is a beloved PC gem that has been inactive for years. Then suddenly on 8th December 2015, a site popped up. This teased it for 5 days, each day displaying some variation of “she’s back” and the number 3. Then finally it was announced OtherSide Entertainment, a studio formed of ex-looking glass studios and irrational developers would take the reigns for a full sequel. Further to this, a reboot of the original System Shock was also announced last year. Needless to say, fans coming into 2020 had a lot to look forward to. A developer suggested this is no longer the case

The announcement:

On the 31st January 2020, when a user asked if the project was abandoned a developer revealed on the RPG codex:

I don’t actually know what’s going on, but the team is no longer employed there.

He then further stated he couldn’t say any more right now as an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) stops him from speaking any more on the topic. Users tried to reach out to Warren Spector, the director of OtherSide games, on twitter but have not yet received any reply. The lack of information and response is worrying going forward which probably means they haven’t decided how to respond yet.

What this could mean:

If what is said is assumed to be true, one of two main things is going to happen to System Shock 3 over the next year. It will either be entirely cancelled (inevitably to be picked up by someone else in the future) or they have replaced the team with a new team. Either way, this means a long wait for the next instalment of System Shock. On a more optimistic note, the System Shock reboot has been confirmed for an early 2020 release so we can look forward to that for the meantime.

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