Rumour: Silent Hills Could Be Back on the Cards

Silent Hills might just be coming after all... (Picture: Konami)

Silent Hills might just be coming after all… (Picture: Kojima Productions)

Take this with a pinch of salt, because chances are the Reddit sources are pulling our heartstrings and looking for a quick spotlight. However, that being said, if sources are correct and the rumours are indeed true, then we might just be seeing Silent Hills after all. That’s right, according to our Reddit chum, both Hideo Kojima and Konami are discussing the cancelled title in the hopes of potentially reviving it.

Kojima recently teased fans with a statement saying he would ‘make the scariest horror game of all-time’. That’s quite a big statement to make when you’ve literally just released a fifty-hour UPS simulator. But, since the short-lived, spine-shattering “P.T.” game released back in 2014, fans hopes were kept alive in the hope Kojima would descend from the skies above and bring it back to the drawing board someday. Now, amazingly enough, those hopes might just become a reality. And, when Kojima promises the ‘scariest game of all-time’ – we should probably just believe him.

Silent Hills was originally scheduled for a 2015 release on PS4. Sadly, due to complications between both Kojima and Konami, the project was cancelled and left to decay. Since then, survival-horror lovers and Kojima fans alike have been pleading endlessly for the franchise to be greenlighted. Only, Kojima never gave much away in terms of bringing the title back to life. Instead, he took a more scenic route towards other horizons with only one goal in mind: to humiliate Konami. That, strangely enough, somehow resulted in Death Stranding. You can be the judge of that one.

The Silent Hills preview, “P.T.” launched back in August 2014. (Picture: Kojima Productions)

Fast-forward to present-day and Kojima and Konami has finally settled the score and wish only to discuss their abandoned love child, Silent Hills. And, if all goes to plan, Kojima Productions will take the IP from Konami and fund the project themselves before beginning the second round of development. However, if Norman Reedus is your thing, you might be disappointed. According to sources, Reedus will not be reprising his role in the Kojima project. We can thank Death Stranding for that.

So, despite the rocky relationship between Kojima and Konami, sources now seem to believe the two factions are working together again. Take from that what you will. Whatever happens, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed behind our backs, for sure.

The Reddit source believes we’ll be hearing an official announcement over the next twelve months or so. Again, these are merely rumours and potential leaks. If you’re after a more concrete type of evidence, you might just have to wait for Kojima to tell us in person. Fingers crossed though, eh?

Silent Hills

Kojima Productions will look to relight the P.T. candle soon. Hopefully. (Picture: Kojima Productions)

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