Rumour: Silent Hill Projects in Development

Silent Hill
Will 2020 be the year of Silent Hill? (Picture: Konami)

News surfaced a little while back about Konami potentially teaming up with Sony in the hopes of resurrecting the Silent Hill franchise. But now, a rather reliable source, who also happened to accurately leak previous Resident Evil news, has managed to shed a little light on the Konami projects. And it doesn’t just stop there, either. Sources might just suggest that Kojima is still holding Silent Hills close to his heart and that the once-doomed project still might return. Of course – we’ll believe that when we see it.

First up, we have the original Silent Hill chapter that both Konami and Sony aim to pursue like a vintage wine. Whether this is Sony’s way of persuading the title to hover over the PlayStation 5 exclusive rack is unknown, of course. But, rumours do indeed suggest that Sony will be splitting the bill down the middle and working alongside Konami to rebuild the memorable segment in the iconic world.

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Secondly, we have an episodic type of game similar to the likes of Until Dawn. But, rumours suggest that despite Supermassive Games’ cooperation with Konami, the project fell through and has yet to spark the second phase of life. And, as for the third project, well, we’ll just leave the words “P.T” and “Hideo Kojima” with you. We’ll let you figure out the rest. The last thing we want is to feed you false optimism of resurrection when really all that remains is ash.

Silent Hill

Will Silent Hills finally make an appearance this year? (Picture: Konami)

Silent Hill is no doubt a benchmark on horror works and is still, to this day, a profitable, noteworthy and iconic series. There is still a massive amount of potential in the anthology of thrilling chapters, and it would only make sense for Konami, Sony, and any developer to get involved and help recreate it. I mean, take Resident Evil, for example; look how well those remastered chapters are doing in terms of sales and popularity. It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to reshape Silent Hill and even throw in some bulky additions for hungry fans.

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2020 is in full swing and ambitious developers are hard at work trying to shape brand new worlds. But, for Silent Hill, it might just be the older worlds that prove to be the ones that take the community by storm. We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope that the rumours ring true. Either way – we’ll keep you in the know.

What are your thoughts on a few new Silent Hill projects? Would you be hyped for a Kojima return? Let us know down in the comments below. Oh, and be sure to swing by our official YouTube channel for even more news, trends and features.

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