Rumour: Resident Evil 8 + Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3's new cover art.
Resident Evil 3's new cover art. (Picture: Capcom)

Horror fans around the world rejoice, new Resident Evil games are coming! DGR has got some exciting information on the future of the critically acclaimed, major horror-phenomenon created by Shinji Mikami. Resident Evil 8 will arrive on next-gen 2020 consoles; Xbox’s “Project Scarlett” & the PlayStation 5, & hopefully by this time next year. This striking revelation comes from secretive oracle & Resident Evil informant; @EvilVR. 

EVIL VR on twitter (Picture: Twitter)

EVIL VR on Twitter (Picture: Twitter)

At DGR, not too many things can scare our brave writers & editors, that is, as long as it doesn’t involve being hunted by horrifying biological weapon-creatures. It’s been discovered that Resident Evil 3 is looming around the corner with a brand new remaster, Taking us once again through the daring and ridiculously dangerous thrills of beloved Jill Valentine in the forsaken Raccoon City. This remaster should showcase a variety of new improvements to the game’s engine, picking up where the last remaster left off.

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Plenty of new designs will be at the forefront of both the grittiness of the character’s sweet new details & the immersive nightmare that is RE’s familiar engine. These sweet revelations have dropped from Sonys Playstation Store, posting images of the announcement ahead of the forthcoming VGAs on December 12th, where more announcements are expected to be made.

Nemesis Returns, Get The Strap!! (Picture: Capcom)

New Resident Evil games are coming! (Picture: Capcom)

What do you guys think about the reveal? Is it time for more Resident Evil? Are you watching the VGA’s? Let us know what you guys think in the comments below, & isn’t YouTube the greatest? Don’t forget to check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube channel!

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