Rumour: New Bug/Dragon Type Pokémon Leaked

With the announcement of Pokémon Sword and Shield back on February 27th the fans of this epic RPG franchise are eager to find out what the new generation of Pokémon has to offer. So far we’ve only seen the three new starter Pokémon; Gookey, Scorbunny and Sobble, however it seems that a new Pokémon has leaked online.

Now, we have no name for this new Pokémon, and it might not even be real, but it sure does look like a Pokémon. The animation is smooth and very well executed, and the background of the video resembles that of the glittery cave location which was shown in the original trailer. Take a look at the potential new Pokémon below:

Now, this is a rumour with no foundation, however it does look to be very real. We’re excited to see if it is and everything else Pokémon Sword and Shield has to offer. To get yourself excited, watch the trailer below:

Do you think this is a real Pokémon? Are you excited for the new generation of Pokémon?

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