Rumour: Diablo 4 information leak

Diablo 4 leaks seem to be happening more and more (Picture: Blizzard)

Another leak hot off the rumour mill yet again and to no one’s surprise, it’s about Diablo 4, which might be shown off at Blizzcon 2019. On the Diablo SubReddit, a leak has been posted, but if you look at the person’s history, you’ll understand why it’s credible.

According to the leak, Diablo IV is going to look dark, gritty and horrible – no more happy go lucky rainbows or shiny stuff. Locations are toned down massively, laden corpses everywhere, wastelands, miserable deserts, caves surrounded and covered by flesh, rotten crypts, marshes and bogs, and cities filled with plagues. They’re also to be more significant than what was in Diablo 3, so perhaps maybe open-world in some form?

Characters can interact with the world, such as climb walls and ride horses. Blood splatters are meant to go hand in hand with the description above; they’re to no longer looks like splashed jam.

Three classes are apparently confirmed: a Mage who uses fire, ice and lightning. A Barbarian who uses swords, axes, clubs and kicks etc. And lastly, a Druid who utilises lightning, wind and can transform into beasts, so far a bear and a werewolf.

There’s meant to be PvP (Player vs Player) from the start, and of course, four-player co-op is there from the get-go.

Diablo IV is meant to be a throwback to Diablo II fans, with Lilith being the new Diablo and this goes hand in hand with the leaked artwork. Characters are sitting at a campfire for character selection, the same gritty art style that Diablo II was praised for is to be used, as well as some skills, seem to be taken from it also. No doubt we’ll hear more at Blizzcon.

This rumour appears to be credible than any other that we’ve seen, and we’ve even seen rumours saying that it’s going to be Destiny-Diablo and it’s going to be first-person… Yeah, you read that right.

What do you think of this Diablo 4 leak? Let us know in the comments down below.

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