Rumour: Batman Arkham Detective on Next-Gen

Batman Arkham Detective & Next-Gen extraordinaire. (Picture: WB Montreal)

Exciting news often strikes faster and more unexpectedly than a well-placed “Bat’arang” here at DGR. The latest leaks & rumours on a Next-Gen Batman Arkham game could be slated for the upcoming Xbox Series X & PS5 console launch of 2020.


The World’s Greatest Detective. (Picture: WB)

A new follow-up to the Batman Arkham series is almost sure to be coming from WB Montreal, the studio which previously released the prequel Arkham Origins in 2013. This new game has yet to be officially announced, but the developer has continued to tease its reveal on social media with a possible logo reveal.
The fully assembled message required detective work and came from cryptic imagery from three separate images posted to official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

secret logo from GCPD possibly

The cryptic crest, the logo teased by WB. (Picture: WB Montreal)

We’ve been researching and fans have been putting together the pieces. It’s an official-looking emblem or insignia, likely related to a government or government-like organization – though that could mean anything from the Gotham City Police Department to the Court of Owls, according to current circulating theories. Some research we’ve done like the images displayed here represent some common depictions of Gotham City Police Department, while another is a look into “the Court of Owls“. One thing is for sure, “The World’s Greatest Detective” is surely gonna have his hands full. & We’re here to keep you updated & we’re staying as vigilant as the dark knight himself.

Gotham City Police Department

Gotham City Police Department. (Picture: DC Comics)

What are you guys feeling? Are you ready to revisit GOTHAM CITY? Let us know what you dudes think in the comments below, & isn’t YouTube the greatest? Don’t forget to check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube channel!

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