Rumour – Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Port Already In The Works

Apex Legends is continuing to grow daily, though many fans of the game are sad that it isn’t out on Nintendo Switch.

Leaving Nintendo Switch players to play Fortnite, meaning Fortnite has the advantage as it is out on practically everything.

Whereas Apex Legends is only out for Pc, Xbox, and PS4. Meaning they are missing out on the vast Nintendo Switch player base.

Now while the Developers behind Apex Legends have stated in an interview with Eurogamer that they would like to bring the game to Switch and Mobile.

Lead producer Drew McCoy told me that while Respawn would love to bring Apex Legends to mobile and Switch, there’s “nothing [they] can currently talk about,” so you’ll have to dock that handheld for now.

EuroGamer Interview

So this is where it gets interesting as according to a LinkedIn profile. According to Doctre81, whose video will be linked down below.

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Doctre81 goes over how a LinkedIn profile from an engineer working at EA, stated on his profile that he was working on bringing several SDKs to Nintendo Switch. These SDKs power games mean Battlefield V and Anthem.

So all this happened, and then a few months later the engineer removed his work on the frostbite engine from his profile.

However, as of today, the LinkedIn profile has since been updated to show that the engineer is working on Apex Legends.

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With the massive success that Apex Legends is having they would be smart to get the Switch port out sooner, rather than later. Especially with the Season 1 BattlePass which will begin in March. It would be smart for them to get it out before then.

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