Rumor: Overwatch For The Nintendo Switch Could Be Announced Next Week

Over the past few weeks, we have had leaks suggesting that Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch, This all started when there was a listing for an Overwatch Switch case on Amazon, A few days after that we got another leak from Reddit user Cmac0801 who released an image of some release schedules and on that image we can see Overwatch for Nintendo Switch releasing October 18. 

Now currently we have had no official confirmation that Overwatch is definitely coming to the Nintendo Switch; however, next week we could get an announcement. As according to Emily Rogers and Sabi, two well-known leakers of Nintendo information, they have teased that a Nintendo Direct is happening next week. Meaning we could see Overwatch get announced for the Nintendo Switch, especially if it is going to release on October 18, then it would only make sense for Blizzard to announce it soon.

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