Rumor of Resident Evil 8 is coming to PSVR

Resident evil 8 PSVR
Resident evil 8 is rumored to be coming to PSVR

The Rumor of 8, Resident Evil 8 PSVR that is!

So with the PS5 showcase 12 days behind us, the speculation of the games is now in full swing. One game that caught my eye was Resident Evil 8 ‘Village’ (not to be confused with a movie of the same name about monsters). In true Res Evil form, the trailer was dark, gritty, and left us wanting. And we for one were wanting one thing, VR! For anyone that played Biohazard on the PSVR then you will know that it was a pretty terrifying experience.

The game was already creepy, but once you strapped on that headset and got chased by hillbillies it took on an entirely different kettle of flesh..erm fish. Yes there were some compromises made with graphical detail and a few of the controls were clunky, with camera angles often making people suffer from motion sickness, but at the core of it, the delivery was brilliant. Add to that is a PSVR game that takes longer than 10 minutes to complete.

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Which brings me to Village. There is a sneaky rumor going about on Twitter that RE8 will be fully playable in VR. Where did it come from you ask? Well mostly from a Twitter user called Dusk Golem. Most of the info from the game is being kept tight-lipped, and a few surprises are nice, but why not? RE7 was a success as a VR title and welcome addition to the horror franchise, and it could be said after Lord of the Rings proved that we should never trust anyone called Golem.

However, for anyone that follows Mr Golem you will note that his predictions have so far been correct, such as the return of an iconic character (No spoilers from me), and the new PSVR headset is configured to be played on the PS5 as Sony had already confirmed. Some questions still remain though. Will the graphics be improved? The weird camera angles? And the odd way in which switching from character to cut-scene made you feel like you had stepped into the Twilight zone instead of a spooky old hillbilly house?

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Only time will tell (a couple of months probably)…

Stay tuned, subscribe and keep listening to the villagers here at DGR for more info as we get it.

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