Rocket League’s summer 2019 Roadmap


‘Epic News’ as Rocket League’s Summer 2019 Roadmap is revealed

Recently, a new roadmap has been revealed that gives us some new information on what new features and improvements will be coming to Rocket League in the next several months.

As you are probably already aware, Epic recently acquired Psyonix… This news caused somewhat of a stir online however, Epic has stated:

“Rocket League will continue to be shaped by the same development team that it always has even if our family is getting quite a bit bigger. The game will also continue to be fuelled and inspired by the passion and feedback of our dedicated player base just as it was before.”

RL Summer

Be aware; it has also been confirmed that Rocket League will still be supported for those who have brought it via steam… Anyway, without further ado check out the roadmap shown below!

Summer Event with Limited-Time Events

Next month, we will kick off the biggest in-game event that Rocket League has ever had, featuring several limited-time events. While the event on the whole will share the same in-game currency for items that can be redeemed inside the event store, the items found in the event store itself will change as we move through different points in the promotion; giving you more in-game items to earn than ever before.

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We know that players can sometimes earn more event currency than they sometimes use, so we’re addressing that by adding XP Level-Up Packs in the event store as well (a Rocket League first)! That means that players will be able to redeem event currency for XP Level-Up Packs that grant 10 Tier Points for Rocket Pass — allowing you to boost your Rocket Pass Tiers in a super-fast and super-convenient way!

Party-up System, Inventory Management and Trading

The community has been asking us for quicker ways to party-up with strangers following a good match. That functionality will be coming later this year. Soon, you’ll be able to easily party-up with teammates from the post-game screen.

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Inventories are growing too, and that calls for better ways to organize all of your in-game items. We’re happy to say that additional inventory management tools will also be added via a future update.

Finally, one of our long-term goals for 2019 and beyond is to make a number of under-the-hood, quality-of-life updates to our trading system. We’ll have more to share on that later this year.

Of course, do be sure to stay tuned as we expect there will be more announcements to be made later this year… In the meantime why not leave us a comment? What do you think Epic will have in store for Rocket League?

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