Rocket League is dropping rates to their loot boxes

Time to hit the brakes

With loot boxes fading away into the twilight Rocket League is still keeping the train going as they released a new blog post detailing the percentage of their items in the game’s Crates and Keys system

  • Rare item: 55 percent
  •  Very Rare item: 28 percent
  •  Import item: 12 percent
  •  Exotic item: 4 percent
  •  Black Market item: 1 percent
  •  Painted version of item: 25 percent chance
  •  Certified version if item: 25 percent chance

For those who don’t know how the system works there is a three step process. When you crack open a Crate with a Key or Decryptor, the game determines what rarity level to pick from at random. The rarity levels include Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic and Black Market based on the percentages listed above. Second, the game determines which item within that rarity group is dropped. Let’s say that If you’re receiving an Import level Customization Item from the Impact Crate. Each of the three Import items in the Impact Crate have an equal chance of dropping in case this sounds confusing. Last but not least the game determines if the item will drop with Painted or Certified attributes or both!

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Rocket League will be getting a another crate later this summer though with the decline of loot boxes in games this feature might not last too long. Comment down below on your opinion on loot boxes and it Rocket League needs them or not. Rocket League is available for every current console except for the 3DS or 2DS whichever one you own.

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