Rocket League Cross Platform Play will be up by September

Including the PS4 this time

While Rocket League has supported limited cross-platform play for quite sometime, the game has never allowed players of different platforms party up. But developer Psyonix has frequently hinted at the idea of cross platform parties, and the company announced today that the feature will finally come this September.

Per a blog post from Psyonix, the system will be called “RocketID.” While the developer planned to roll out the feature this month, it has been slightly pushed back to the month after. Of course, the update will be subject to certification from the platform holders. Those who remember the cross play controversy with Fortnite it was same deal with Rocket League which banned players who cross played with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch couldn’t do so with PS4 as well.

But the news is big for Rocket League fans, as cross-platform play with friends was only previously available in private matches. Psyonix continues to discuss the update of August that was previously announced, and again plugged the upcoming Rocket Pass Progressive System that will be added a week after the August update rolls out.

Comment below on what you think of the new cross play. Rocket League is available on all current platforms. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news The Walking Dead: The Final Season trailer has been released.

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