Risk of Rain 2: Price Will Be Increased

Risk of Rain 2's price will be upped upon its official release
Popular game Risk of Rain 2 will see a price increase in August (Picture: Hopoo Games)

After its official release in August, Risk of Rain 2’s price will be raised from $20 to $25

The immensely popular game Risk of Rain 2, which has been in early access for almost a year, will see an official release in August. This full release of the game will include a new character, as well as the final level and boss. However, with all this new content coming in the 1.0 update, the price for Risk of Rain 2 will increase on release.

The game is currently priced at $16 during Steam’s summer sale, and can also be purchased on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Now might be a good time to buy, as the price increase will be 25% for the PC edition. The 1.0 update will come to the console edition sometime later in the year; Hopoo Games, the developers of the Risk of Rain games, are aiming for a fall release for the full game on console.

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With huge success already in early access, Risk of Rain 2 seems to be in a great position going into its full release. Having already sold 1 million copies, Hopoo Games has shown the potential of early access. The 3D third-person shooter is already an entertaining and challenging game. The new update has the potential to elevate Risk of Rain 2 to even greater heights. The console release trailer is below to perk your interest:

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