Riot Working With “Experienced” Independent Studios On a Single-player League of Legends Game

A single-player League experience will look to expand on the world of Runeterra (Picture: Riot Games)

A single-player League experience will look to expand on the world of Runeterra (Picture: Riot Games)

League of Legends has been one of the biggest games in the industry in the past decade. Riot has put a lot of resources into the game and now are looking to expand on the LoL universe. Recently Riot released that they are looking at making new games, some that are still focused in the Runeterra universe. Which is why they are working with experienced independent studios to create a new single-player experience for fans of the LoL universe.

During League’s 10th-anniversary celebration Riot Games announced that they are now making more titles for their fans. They announced a flurry of different games including what looked like a single-player platforming game set in the Runeterra universe. On FAQ page on their website Riot Forge (Riot’s new publishing company) announced that third-party studios will get the chance to have their own “voice” within the LoL universe. Despite the fact that no official studio has been announced for the single-player experience it seems that Riot has full trust in the studio to bring the world alive with their vision.

With Riot looking at expanding their reaches in the gaming industry and carrying the success of LoL into other genres, it looks promising seeing these third parties getting a lot of freedom over the games. We won’t have to wait long either to find out more about one of the new projects as Geoff Keighley announced on Twitter that one of the projects will get showcased at the Game Awards on the 12th December.

Which game will be showcased at the Game Awards is still yet to be confirmed. If it is more on the single-player game, then be sure to get the announcement of the studio behind the project then.

What do you think of Riot expanding into different avenues? Are you excited about these new titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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