Riot offering free refund tokens for League of Legends

Refunds are rarely available in F2P games but Riot are offering it for a limited time (Picture: Riot Games)

To celebrate the 2020 season Riot are bringing back refund tokens. Years ago, players had the chance to use these tokens to refund skins or champions. Now Riot Games is bringing back this opportunity again for their players.

Refund tokens will give you back your Blue Essence or Riot Points on any champion, skin or cosmetic bought via the League shop. You only get three, however, so choose wisely. Do you want to get rid of that champion you never played? No worries here’s a refund. That skin you got isn’t as good in-game as you thought? Not a problem refund it. Just remember you only get three of these so use them wisely.

So how do you get refund tokens? Well if you used them previously, you’ll be eligible. You will only be able to use them on items bought in the past 90 days as well, to prevent players refunding items purchased years ago to save them some RP or BE. It is still useful for those who have pumped a lot of money into the game and want to get better skins out of it. You can see if you qualify for these tokens on Riot’s website.

What do you think of Riot offering refund tokens? Will you be trying to get a refund yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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