Riot Offer Refunds to Clash Tickets in EUWest

Clash looked to add more competitiveness in LoL for fans but was plagued with bugs for one region (Picture: Riot Games)

Riot has continuously looked at adding more for their fans in League of Legends. Clash was introduced last week to allow players to compete as five-player teams. Fan’s were ready to compete over the weekend for leader board bragging rights. Unfortunately for players on EU West, there were server issues with Clash, leading Riot to offer refunds to players who bought a Clash ticket over the weekend.

Leagues new tournament format looked promising and exciting for players, plenty though struggled to even get into it as the first weekend was riddled with bugs for plenty of players on EU West. Riot quickly apologised for this and refunded players that bought a ticket for Saturday and even gave those players a free ticket for Sunday. This was Riot’s way of showing to fans they are aware of the issue and are looking to fix it ahead of this weekends Clash tournament.

This issue seemed like it was just a problem in EU West. NA players reported no issues over the weekend and no other reports of major outages from the other regions. Clash wasn’t working properly for a majority of the player base and others reporting they could play a couple of games in the tournament over the weekend. One big issue that players encountered was being unable to load into the Clash lobby (as reported by one Redditor).

Hopefully, this won’t be an issue for players going forward, and Clash will be up and running for everyone this weekend and EU West players can enjoy the tournament format with no issues.

What do you think of Clash? Were you one of the players that was affected by these issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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