Riot Games Release New Cinematic for League of Legends

League of Legends New Cinematic (Source: Riot Games)
League of Legends New Cinematic (Source: Riot Games)

Recently, Riot Games have released yet another new cinematic for the wildly popular League of Legends.

Riot Games three minute long cinematic posted just a day before the start of season 10 of League of Legends.

interestingly, the song performedwas played during the LoL 2014 finals but remixed to be a bit more dark and ominous to fit with the clash of heroes and villains.

The characters in the short includes familiar faces from the Runeterra universe, with appearances from an  Garen, Kai’Sa, a monstrous Urgot, and a giant Galio.

The visuals are absolutely gorgeous, from the hyper realistic faces, to the fluid movement, to the world structure, it creates a great experience for both fans and people who know nothing of the franchise.

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