‘RETURN HERE IN [24] HOURS’ – Undertale 2 Reveal?

Undertale’s Cryptic tweets tell fans to return in 24 hours

Earlier today, the Undertale Twitter account began tweeting with a blacked out username and profile image. The cryptic thread of 13 tweets hint at a larger reveal happening in just 24 hours.

return in 24 hours

Understandably, Most people are suggesting it is an impending reveal of Undertale 2. Of course, this does seem like the most reasonable conclusion. However, currently there’s no additional evidence to support it as of yet.

Undertale, Released back in 2015 was an incredible success, it is only natural that a sequel will be released. Assuming that the tweets do refer to Undertale 2, it looks like we may have a while to wait until an actual release. The thread states that whatever it is, it is “Far from complete.” (See below)

far from complete

Either way, do keep an eye out for more information coming soon. What do you think the reveal will be? Why not leave a comment and share this news with your friends.

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